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Ultimate Hangover Recipes from Duck & Waffle

By EDGE | Dec 23
There is no other time of year when comfort food tastes so good and will help ease the pain of that fourth (or was it fifth?) round at the holiday office party. Fortunately, we've got recipes from the new cookbook, "Duck & Waffle."

35 Years Later, Cabbage Patch Kids Still Have Fans

HOME | By Kate Brumback | Dec 25
Collectors travel from far and wide to Babyland General for a chance to adopt a Cabbage Patch kid, an iconic doll that's been on the market since 1978.

Food Allergies? 3 Tips While Traveling

With the help and advice of allergy experts and practical vacation-planning steps to help you avoid allergy triggers and also be prepared for the possibility of an accidental reaction, a holiday in the sun (or the snow if you like) may be on the horizon.

Keurig Recalls More Than 7 Million Brewing Machines

Keurig is recalling more than 7 million of its single-serve coffee brewing machines after reports that a number of them had spewed hot liquids and injured dozens of users.

Tattoo Artists Meet in Egypt

GROOMING | By Yara Enany, Lucy Towers | Dec 24
Tattoo enthusiasts met over the weekend in Egypt's leafy upscale Zamalek neighborhood to check out the latest designs and watch the pros at work at the 2014 Cairo Tattoo Expo.

The Rage Monthly's Family Cookie Recipes

Nothing says "Ho Ho Ho" quite like seasonal cookies. Here are some recipes from the fellows at EDGE print partner The Rage Monthly!