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Obama Bangs, Yey or Nay?

By Jocelyn Noveck | Monday Jan 28, 2013
The President is back for a second term and there’s a new look to accompany him from First lady Michelle Obama.

Hair Stylist Tells All About Fort Worth Salon

Tuesday Nov 27, 2012
"Hairspray, High Heels, and Second Hand Smoke" by Frank Meyner gives readers an intimate look at the relationship between cosmetologist and client.

Patriots Hair Stylist Opens All Men’s Salon

Friday Aug 31, 2012
Terrence Manning, the local celebrity hair stylist and owner of SoHo Hair Design, announced that he will open his second salon, SoHo for Men. Manning is known for his work with the New England Patriots.

The Movie Makeover Room Debuts at London’s Corinthia Hotel

Sunday Feb 19, 2012
A new destination venue for the movie, media and music industries, the Movie Make-Over Room at the Daniel Galvin salon is a world first and offers 100% privacy to visiting celebrities, actors, actresses and guests looking for something a cut above.

P’town’s West End Salon Seeks Models

Saturday Feb 11, 2012
The West End Salon & Spa in Provincetown is seeking male and female models for an upcoming television commercial. The commercial will air on television in Provincetown this spring and on the internet worldwide.

Formaldehyde Fear Provokes Call for Regulation of Hair-Smoothing Products

By STACY A. ANDERSON | Sunday Jul 10, 2011
At least 10 members of the House are asking the Food and Drug Administration to look into whether women who undergo hair treatments, including the popular Brazilian Blowout, pay a nonmonetary price that’s way too great.

Chicago Sends Top Stylist to National Hairstyling Finals

Saturday Jul 2, 2011
Eli Mancha, of Lock & Loaded’s Design Team, has been named a NAHA finalist in the Hairstylist of the Year and Contemporary Classic categories.

Fly Fishing Feather Extensions Latest Fashion Trend

By JESSIE L. BONNER | Sunday Jun 5, 2011
Nationwide, supplies at fly fishing shops from the coasts of Maine to landlocked Idaho are running out. Some hairdressers have gotten desperate to follow the craze that was fueled, in part, by "American Idol" judge and rocker Steven Tyler

The Men of Hair :: Getting political, getting naked

By Jim Halterman | Friday Mar 25, 2011
EDGE caught with three of the leads in the national company of Hair - Steel Burkhardt, Matt DeAngelis and Paris Remillard - to talk about the show’s relevancy, its politics, being on the road and that famous nude scene.

Health Risks of Hair Loss Treatments

By Kent McGroarty | Friday Jan 28, 2011
A look at the potential risks of the two main commercial hair loss treatments.