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Ain't Life Grande for Frankie

By Brian Scott Lipton | Oct 30
"Big Brother" Season Seven gay bad boy Frankie Grande talks about his bromance with Zach, eviction from the BB house and return to Broadway in "Rock of Ages."


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Steel Magnolias

By David Doyle | Oct 31
Atlanta's Alliance Theatre stages the gay cult classic, 'Steel Magnolias' through Nov. 9.

The Sugar Bean Sisters

By TK Hadman | Oct 30
'The Sugar Bean Sisters' wants to be a fun, family friendly story, but a dizzying array of plot twists morph it into a dark comedy.

How I Learned What I Learned

By TK Hadman | Oct 23
A captivating one-man show, Eugene Lee makes August Wilson's anecdotes about life, love, art, coming of age and race come alive for the audience.


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